Friday, January 30, 2009


I haven't wrote in this the past couple of days. Not that I have any readers yet but I am updating. :) I wanted to share some websites with you that I found. The one reason I have been so busy is because of this website is AWESOME!! I have found TONS of recipes on there that I can make and that I would actually eat. I don't know about you but I find a lot of other blogs and websites that calorie friendly recipes but I won't eat them! I am kind of a picky eater and like to stay pretty simple with my foods. SO, with Hungry-Girl they have recipes like Faux-tato salad that is only 86 calories for 3/4 of a cup. How awesome is that?? You can add a sandwhich along with this and have an awesome meal for very little! Oh, another great thing about the website before I forget, when you look at the recipes they have the low calorie picture and then they have the regular pictures food there. So it shows a picture of both and then it compares the calories for you. I was so amazed at how many calories I was eating in one sitting. Anywho, They also have good things like Cole-Slaw, 49 calories, Personal Pizza for 241 calories, Blooming Onions for 192 calories, Sweet 'n Chunky Chicken Salad for 145 Calories, And So-Good Chocolate Chip Softies for only 88 calories! There are TONS more on the website you need to check it out. They are SOOO good!!
I also wanted to share another website with you. It is called this website is full of people from all over the world who are trying to lose weight. They also have tons of recipes, a message board, and a whole bunch of different groups that you can sign up for. You get your own personal page, your own little weight lose tracker. And the best thing is that they have a nutrition tracker on the website. So everytime you eat something you can go in and put down what you have eaten and it will show you how many calories, carbs, protein, and fats you have eaten. They also give you a calorie range that you should stick with to lose however much weight you need! I love this website. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and they have wonderful articles on there to help you out. If you do decide to join please tell them that tupperwaretrish sent you!! Also, add me as a friend. :)
Now, down to the food. I have to tell you that I was doing good this morning, I had just a bowl of kix cereal and half a cup of 2% milk and that only came to like 175 calories! I didn't have a snack this morning because I know that we are going to wal mart tonight and I will get a sandwich from Subway. So, I had a BIG lunch. I am full, not overly stuffed but I was just amazed at how many clories it came to. I had:
Tuna Fish with a tsp of salad dressing and a splash of honey mustard
2 slices of whole wheat bread
a can of Chicken Noodle Soup
And a Yogurt
TOTAL: 649 Calories!!! Wow huh? It actually isn't that bad because I did eat good. I ate healthy and I stopped eating when I was full. So I shouldn't be to amazed at how much I ate since i had such a little breakfast. I was just really amazed at how much it came to! :) Then my Dinner is going to a 6" Turkey and Ham Sub from Subway tonight. So far today my calories come to 1.124 with my dinner added. I will eat a yogurt around 2 or 3 to hold me over until we get done shopping and go to eat!
Off to workout. Go check out they have really fun workouts on there and they are free!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

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January 26th...

Today has not been the best for my eating! I always have to bounce back from the weekends. My fiance is home all day with me then and for some reason i just want to eat. I also don't work out that much except for on my air walk that I have. So usually by the middle of the week I am ready to get back into things and then the weekends comes!! *sigh*. Sooo, Here is what I had today, as I said, not the best but.. :)

Breakfast: 3 egg white and 1 egg omelet, 1 piece wheat toast, a medium banana. ( I did only eat half of my omelet and half of my toast before my son decided that he now wanted eggs and toast! :)

Snack: (Yes, I have had snacks already, I normally wait until around 2 in the afternoon but today I just feel like eating) I had, about 5 doritos (I so regret this), a Yoplait Light Strawberry Yogurt. Yogurt is good and I always get Yoplait because they are only 100 calories. But those chips are WAY high in Calories and I wish I would have held off.

Lunch: A Tuna Fish Sandwich with 1 tsp of salad dressing and 1 tsp of honey mustard. This is SO good together and this way I am not using Mayo but Salad dressing and I can still get the taste a little. I put this on 2 pieces of wheat bread with a couple of banana peppers. This was really good and it is holding me over pretty good. I was going to have soup but then changed my mind. We will see! :)

As far as excercise I haven't done any yet today. After I write this I am off to and do some of their videos. They have full length videos online you can do and then some shorter ones. I have been using this and it is fun to mix up my routine everyday!. So I am off to do this!..... :)

just a note, I am stuck at my first 5 ibs lost and I can not get past it! Ugh! I hope that everything starts moving again soon! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just a quick hello to get my blog started.. This blog is going to be about what I eat for the day, What kind of exercising I do and anything else I want to add in. I will admit that their will be days that I slip and eat more than I should! But we all have to learn.. :) I hope that you will join me in my adventure and keep up with me on the blog and see some awesome recipes that I come up with or find. I will also give you my honest opinion on the recipes that I try! I hope I will get readers and they will share their fitness with me and what they eat!!